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Standalone Novels

But By Degrees

Sept 2016

A crumbling office on the outskirts of Leeds is an unlikely location for a bomber to target, especially when it's only the accounting centre for a care home company. Yet the man on the other end of the phone is adamant - he wants the company director there in the morning or he'll detonate the bomb.

Such Crooked Wood

Apr 2020

Restoring retro furniture in a converted church is the epitome of a quiet life, yet life isn't destined to stay that way for Lily McFarlane. With her worries stacking up and coiling around her solitary lifestyle, will Lily be able to let go of her preconceptions about her future and embrace change?

Available on Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Scribd and more. 

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Valerie Series


Sept 2017

A taxi driver saves a damsel in distress with car trouble only to find there's a spark between them. But with a General Election on the horizon and a whole host of secrets ready to implode, the scene is set for a bruising campaign where political capital and love collide.


Sept 2019

With an unexpected leadership election called in Westminster, the race is on to decide the next PM. Valerie Smythe MP is out of favour with her colleagues and has no desire to get involved in the campaign - until events make it unavoidable.


Coming in 2021

Max and Valerie's relationship is stronger than ever, but unexpected contact from long-forgotten relatives threatens to shake everything up again. 

Coming soon. 

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