Rhubarb Writing Shed

LGBT-friendly novel development

All writers want to improve their skills. I haven’t yet met a writer who thinks they’ve reached the pinnacle of their powers and that they don’t have anything left to learn.

Yet, as a writer of lesbian fiction, I haven’t always felt comfortable developing my skills within conventional communities, workshops and courses. It comes down to the “pronoun problem” – as soon as you let workshop leaders, tutors and other writers know the work includes lesbian characters, it can become all about the character’s sexuality and often incorporates an odd obsession with how physical intimacy there’s going to be in the novel. On the other side of the coin, some people are worried about offending the person writing LGBTQIA+ fiction and so the feedback is bland at best.

I’m not saying these are universal experiences, but I’ve definitely been through them multiple times and, for someone who writes “fiction with lesbians” rather than “lesbian fiction”, it can all get pretty frustrating.

So, I founded Rhubarb Writing Shed to provide a free community to developing novel writers, whatever their sexuality or identity. To be a member of the Shed, you need to commit to a community that doesn’t allow any discrimination. We can disagree with each other on writing matters, but the community’s focus is on helping all writers develop their craft. Any homophobia, transphobia or other prejudice will result in removal from the community.

Rhubarb Writing Shed will also be the home of online writing courses which are designed to be budget-friendly as well as LGBT-friendly. Joining the community doesn’t mean you’re expected to sign up for courses, and the plan is to give away free course spaces to writers who wouldn’t be able to otherwise afford them.

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Launching later in 2020

Rhubarb Writing Shed will launch with a free community and exclusive early access to course content. Subscribe to be the first to know - and to grab your free "Anatomy of a Scene" cheat sheet as a thank you from me.