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Why My Books Are Wide

Some authors are exclusive to Amazon and offer their books in Kindle Unlimited. Heck, I used to be one of them until I made the decision earlier this year to pull my books out of KU and start to make them available on other retailers.

I wanted to do this because I firmly believe that readers should have the option to access lesbian novels wherever they do their reading. Sure, Amazon is a giant in e-books, but it's one that many people choose not to use for valid reasons. Maybe they don't like the parent company, maybe they don't like Kindles. Whatever the reason, I don't like disenfranchising people who may enjoy my books.

So, we're out of KU and on to other platforms. There's technical behind-the-scenes stuff that you probably don't need to know about, but the important takeaway is that three of my novels are now available on platforms including:

  • Amazon

  • Kobo

  • Apple Books

  • Google Play

  • Barnes & Noble

  • Scribd

There are other smaller platforms too, so it's worth clicking on the universal links below if you read your ebooks elsewhere. It's also possible to buy "direct" from me through Payhip (more on that specifically next week).

Nights at the Majestic

Such Crooked Wood

But By Degrees

You might notice that the Valerie Series of three books isn't yet available wide. That'll be happening soon, I promise, and I'll let you know when it does.

Ultimately, we all have different ways of reading and we all prefer different platforms.

My reading is split between Kindle and Kobo. The range of books available via Amazon is unparalleled, yet I do love the simplicity of the Kobo interface. You can tell they're a company that just focuses on books as opposed to selling everything under the sun.

How do you read your ebooks and would you ever be willing to switch it up a bit?

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