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Why Buy eBooks Direct from Authors

Did you know that it's possible to buy ebooks direct from some authors?

The methods authors use to deliver these books vary (I currently use Payhip and Bookfunnel) but the concept is the same: it's a more direct way of purchasing from the authors you love.

So, why should you consider buying direct from indie authors?

1. More money to the author

Buying direct can often lead to the author getting more money from the sale. The percentages taken by third-party sellers like Amazon can be as high as 65% on cheap (under $2.99) or expensive (over $9.99) books, so the chance to put some extra money into an author's pocket can be a good reason to buy direct.

To take an example, if an author packages a trio of books together and wants to charge $11.99 for it, Amazon would take almost $7 of that for itself. An indie author would see far more of that money if it was listed direct on their website or online shop.

2. Money gets to the author more rapidly

If you buy direct from an author, the money is often accessible far more quickly. While some third-parties pay in arrears of one month, Amazon doesn't pay until two months after the sale. It means there's a gulf between when a customer buys and when the author gets the money.

Indie authors often have to make pivotal choices about paying their designers and editors, along with how best to market their books. Having access to royalties quickly can increase and improve what they're able to do, especially in the first crucial weeks after a novel is launched.

3. Avoid the major platforms

Some people prefer not to buy from Amazon, so buying ebooks direct is a way of avoiding that while still getting to read a a good book.

Most authors will offer their ebooks in multiple formats including ePub and PDF, meaning customers will be able to read it even if they don't have a dedicated reading device.

Is buying direct from authors safe?

As with all purchases, there are a few things readers should remember when looking to buy ebooks direct.

Only shop if you're sure the payment method is safe and the site is secure. For example, Payhip uses Stripe integration (yes, they're pretty big!), which offers a safe payment method for purchases.

Be clear about what you're getting when you buy a digital product. Some customers go into these transactions expecting a paperback rather than an ebook, causing frustration all round. While some authors do indeed sell paperbacks direct, many don't, so that's something to watch out for if it's hard copies you're after.

Getting my books direct

Three of my books are currently available direct, with the Valerie Series set to follow soon.

As I mentioned above, I use Payhip and Bookfunnel to handle my direct ebook sales. When you order, you'll get an instant pop-up with download instructions and that will also follow by email. For extra options, an email will also follow from Bookfunnel with links to the mobi version of the file for those who prefer it.

Find my Payhip store here and let me know if you like buying direct from authors or if you have reservations about it.

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