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What is I Am Allegra Bartlett?

Last week, I introduced the concept of my new serial story I Am Allegra Bartlett. I promised to tell you a little more about it this week, so consider this your official introduction to Allegra and the whole exciting project.

As I explained last week, I Am Allegra Bartlett will be released monthly with supplementary content available on the off-weeks. It's a massive undertaking for me, but one that's been in the works for over six years.

So, what is I Am Allegra Bartlett? Here are some interpretations:

Estranged from her family, an independently-minded Victorian woman finds herself united with her cousin's wife and children.

An independent woman finds herself at the heart of mysteries and intrigues in Victorian London.

A silent partner in a popular journal would prefer to have her name on the cover.

The serial is all these things and more. But telling you much more would ruin the pleasure of reading each part.

What I can say is that Allegra is certainly a child of sensation fiction. Novels by Wilkie Collins and Mary Elizabeth Braddon were at the heart of my PhD research and the plans for Allegra percolated during the first years of my PhD. Yet, along with the murder and bigamy, sensation fiction also puts so-called deviant women centre stage.

Allegra's sexuality is part of her deviancy and I definitely feel that I Am Allegra Bartlett will appeal to fans of Sarah Waters' novels. For the same reason, people who have enjoyed watching Suranne Jones romp around in Gentleman Jack may appreciate Allegra's attitude to being told what she can and can't do.

The first Letter of Introduction teaser was published last week. That can be read here for free and five more letters will be published over the coming weeks ahead of the first full part's publication on 15th December.

Find out more about I Am Allegra Bartlett on the FAQs page of the official website.

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