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Visualising the River: Battling the Novel Nerves

It's when I get to this point that I start to panic.

Two weeks out from a novel release, I go into something of a tailspin. Pity my poor wife who's had to go through three of these already and is well used to the questions I end up throwing at her:

What's the point?

Should I just give up?

Why don't I cancel the release?

Part of being a grown-up is not listening to these voices when I know they're just making trouble. The truth is, I've felt this way about every novel release and yet it's gone okay. There I go again - they've gone better than okay.

I'm certain than most authors go through something similar. I guess as an indie, it's easier for me to try and sabotage my own novel release by not going through with it or prefacing every mention with, "I know this is rubbish but . . ." Traditionally published authors generally won't be able to succumb to those jitters too readily.

But all authors feel anxious ahead of a release. We're putting something out into the world that's going to be read by strangers - hopefully lots of them! Sure, we don't expect everyone to like what we write, but there's also a minority out there who will be very vocal about things they don't like.

I try and treat other authors as I wish to be treated in return. We're all on the same river, even if some of us are trundling along in inflatable dinghies just making the most of the view.

Ahead of the 28th March, I just need to remember one thing: Max is the next stop on a whole river full of them. After this, me and my inflatable dinghy will keep paddling along until the next one.

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