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Such Crooked Wood Goes Wide

January is the month that refuses to end but I do have some good news for readers to brighten the gloomy mornings.

I've started to pull my books out of Kindle Unlimited and make them available on other platforms. Since you can't be in KU and have books available on platforms other than Amazon, I've been limited to their marketplace for the last few years while I got my head into selling on multiple platforms.

Honestly, it might sound like it's a piece of cake but when your brain's got the agility of an anaesthetised sloth and all you can handle is the writing side of things, it can take some time.

Such Crooked Wood, my most recent novel released in April 2020, is the first I've made available across multiple platforms.

It's listed on Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble and Scribd among others, with some more platforms set to be added in the coming weeks. There will even be a chance to purchase an e-book direct from me if you'd prefer.

For now, click this link to see where Such Crooked Wood is currently available and I'll update on social media when new locations are added.

It's also worth signing up to my newsletter as that will provide the latest information on where books are available and what my future release plans are.

But By Degrees is going to follow Such Crooked Wood on to other platforms in the near future but I've got a special extra to put together first before that can happen.

In the meantime, it's on with the edits of the third book in the Valerie Series. For the first three months, that novel will be exclusive to KU as well (it's only fair to readers who have read the first two books on the platform) but the whole Valerie Series will be going to other platforms later this year.

Exciting times at Kit Eyre HQ!

Here's that link to see where Such Crooked Wood is now available again.

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