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Spiked Set for Release Next Month

Big news from me this month is that my seventh novel is set to be released on Monday 22nd May 2023. Yes, I thought I’d better put that last bit just so you’d know I wasn’t teasing something for another year!

So, Spiked is available for pre-order on Amazon, Apple and a few other places right now and will be available on wide platforms when it’s released. That includes Kobo, Scribd, Google and more. You’ll also be able to buy direct from my Payhip store if you prefer to shop for your ebooks that way.

The novel centres around journalist Stevie Lee who is sat at her usual window seat in a coffee shop when a man falls to his death right in front of her. Even though the police take over the investigation, Stevie can’t let it go and sets about poking her nose into a situation that quickly takes a turn she wasn’t expecting.

If you’ve read some of my previous novels, the character of Stevie Lee may seem familiar. She featured in the third novel in the Valerie Series (Max) but, as I’ll explain in more detail next week, that doesn’t mean she’s an offshoot of Valerie. Far from it.

You don’t need to have read the Valerie Series to read Spiked, although some characters do cross over. Here’s a little snippet from Chapter 22 of Max that explains a bit about Stevie. In it, politician Valerie is walking with Stevie to the cafe where much of the action of Spiked takes place:

‘Listen, I’m not going to say anything out of turn, I promise. I know what it’s like to have people snatch agency away from you; I’m not about to do that. But can I tell you one thing before we go inside?’

‘Go on,’ Stevie said.

Valerie held her gaze. ‘You are quite a catch, do you understand that? Not just the money, I’m not talking about money. It’s your entire attitude and the way you look at the world, wanting to make it better rather than worse. If Grace isn’t interested in anything romantic, that’s completely about her and not you, okay? Some people just don’t gel, however much they might like to.’

Stevie blinked then looked down at the ground for a couple of seconds. Her expression when she lifted her chin again was a mix of gratitude and disbelief, maybe with a touch of hope in there too. It was all Valerie could expect under the circumstances and she gestured for Stevie to take the lead with whatever happened next. Without much more hesitation, she pushed open the door and they stepped inside.

There were a few customers scattered around and the ambience was pleasant, yet Valerie’s attention was immediately fixed on the woman behind the counter. Grace’s eyes narrowed on seeing them, even though she seemed to make a deliberate attempt to appear nonchalant.

‘Well,’ Valerie said with a sidelong glance at Stevie, ‘I think I should flash my engagement ring at the counter to make sure no cyanide ends up in my coffee. What can I get you?’

If you think Spiked sounds like your sort of book, don’t forget you can pre-order now and receive it on the day of release!

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