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Which Reading Challenge Categories Do Kit Eyre Novels Fit Into?

Avid sapphic fiction readers may already be aware of two huge reading challenges to gobble up in 2023:

  • IHS Reading Challenge - 100 categories to fire up your sapphic reading life

  • Sapphic Book Bingo - A bingo card’s worth of sapphic reading challenges to broaden your horizons

These challenges are designed to be inspirational, so you don’t have to read set books - but there are plenty of suggestions along the way if you’re struggling with a specific category!

For example, IHS has pulled together a heap of recommendations for the “Opposites Attract” category, and there will be 99 other pages of recommendations to go at during the year too.

Equally, Jae has already given some novel suggestions for the “Age Gap” category on the bingo card and included Nights at the Majestic as an option. Thanks for that!

If the urge to read new authors and novels wasn’t enough, there are prizes available at the end of the year for lucky completionists!

Below, I’ve made a handy little table of where my books fit into the challenges. So, if you haven’t read any Kit Eyre books and want to align them with the reading challenges, here’s how!


IHS Reading Challenge

Sapphic Book Bingo

​But By Degrees

Angsty; Cheating / Infidelity; Mystery / Suspense; Workplace / Office Romance

​Angsty Romance


​Opposites Attract; Butch / Femme; Angsty; Toaster Oven

Workaholic Character; Angsty Romance; Single Parent

Such Crooked Wood

​Women's Fiction; Angsty

Angsty Romance

Nights at the Majestic

​Opposites Attract; Angsty; Age Gap; Toaster Oven

Age Gap; Angsty Romance

Remember, too, that my novels could fit into the New-To-You Author or Country or State You Haven’t Visited bingo slots. They could even be your Free Book in the centre of the card.

Click through to the IHS Reading Challenge and Sapphic Book Bingo pages to find out more about the challenges and how to take part.

I also have some great news before I go.

Nights at the Majestic was given the IHS Book of the Month award for November 2022 in the Literary Fiction category!

How’s that for a great note to end on?!

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