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Read a Snippet of Nights at the Majestic

Remember last week's good news about the cover of Nights at the Majestic being ready?

The better news this week is that the release date is set in stone for Monday 24th October and the pre-order is live on Amazon KDP (other retailers to follow!).

At launch, the price of Nights at the Majestic is going to be just 99p/99c. It won't stay that way for long, so snapping up the pre-order is a great way to secure the launch discount.

So, what's the novel about? Well, this is the blurb:

One decaying cinema and two women living drastically different lives.

Her weekly visits to watch classic films at the Majestic are the only bright spots in Eve Thomas's life since the death of her wife.

Meanwhile, Lizzie Carlyle is struggling to enjoy anything as work and a partner she doesn't love grind her down.

A chance meeting during a robbery at the Majestic throws Eve and Lizzie together. They might be from different backgrounds with a twenty-year age gap but something clicks between them.

And when the Majestic faces a more existential threat, they might be the only ones able to save it.

If you're already sold, here are the Amazon pre-order links:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Need more convincing? Read on for the introductory paragraphs!


Something about being in the Majestic’s corridor after the last film had finished set Lizzie’s nerves on edge.

A quick trip to the loo on her way out had turned into ten minutes of holding her shirt under the dryer when the tap exploded. She’d managed to get it twisted back enough just to be drizzling into the bowl and the plan was to tell the guy on the desk about it before she left. But when she got back into the foyer there wasn’t anyone around.

She stopped and glanced across at the doors into the theatre, the ones she’d trudged out of with everybody else who’d had the bad luck to watch that crappy thriller tonight. It sounded like there was music playing from inside, though it was a bit late and there weren’t any other films supposed to be on at this time of night as far as she knew.

She was curious enough to take a couple of steps towards the doors then she hesitated. Years of keeping her nose out of other people’s business said it was a better idea to just walk out of here like she was planning to, never mind the fact that the sink in the ladies’ was playing up or that someone was watching a film after hours. It was nothing to do with her.

Then the music reached some sort of peak and she couldn’t resist. She crept to the door and pushed it open a crack, just enough to see the credits of a black and white film flickering while eerie music rang out from the speakers. It was like she’d stepped into another world, back into the past. Thanks to the light from the screen, she could see a dozen or so people in the front rows then one woman sat further back. None of them had noticed the door opening, giving Lizzie the chance to slip inside and let it drift closed behind her.

She didn’t go as far as sitting down; that was too much like intruding. Instead, she took a couple of steps forward and squinted at the names on the screen just before they faded away and she was looking at a gate while the music melted into a narrator’s voice, calm and crisp. The camera took them down a drive slowly, but Lizzie abruptly realised that the woman who was sat closest to the door had noticed she was there. Her head had tilted to the side, silhouetted against the screen, and Lizzie’s instinct was to get away before she was challenged. It was somewhere she wasn’t meant to be obviously, something that -

The screen suddenly flashed once and died, taking the aisle strip lights with it. All that was left in the concrete darkness were the green Emergency Exit signs, floating like disembodied ghouls on either side of the huge room.

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