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November Accountability Check!

Time for an accountability check or, as it turns out, an examination of failure!

A few months ago, I set some goals for the last three months of the year. With November over and 2021 looming on the horizon, I thought it was time for a check-in on the writing side of things.

These were my goals:

  • Finish the political novel draft (October)

  • Write a short story set ten years on from the events in But By Degrees (October)

  • Participate in NaNoWriMo (November)

  • Finish edits of episodic Victorian novel (December)

So, how have I done?

  1. Well, I didn't finish the political novel draft by the end of October. Instead of pushing myself to complete it, I broke off to work on my NaNo draft when I was 32,000 in. It's not a long novel, so I'm over halfway there. Can I get it finished by the end of the year? I don't see why not.

  2. My mailing list subscribers are set for a treat (I hope they think it's a treat!) in December as I send out a special story story revisiting the characters of my 2016 novel But By Degrees. Some of the events in the novel took place in 2010, so I thought it'd be a good time to look back and see what the characters are up to. The good news is that, while I haven't finished it, I'm around 2,800 words in and it's mentally written. I know I need to get the words on the page but that's doable by the end of the year.

  3. I didn't win NaNo this year, but I had my most sustained period of fresh writing since the summer. I've reached just over 25,000 words and something clicked a few thousand words ago when the emotional heart of the story hit me. Can I get this draft to the finish line this month? Heck, yes!

  4. As for the episodic Victorian novel . . . Well, I haven't even touched it. That's going to have to wait till January, I think!

It hasn't been a great month but, then, England has been in lockdown again and I've spent most of my time anxious about the state of the world. Some would say that being forced to stay home is the perfect recipe for a good writing month, but I disagree. The dark, cold evenings prolong the agony on days when my head doesn't seem to get into gear.

Thank goodness for kittens, that's all I can say!

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