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New Site, New Chapter

Change is good for you, especially when the world’s in turmoil. As it happens, I’ve had this new website in the pipeline but recent events have prompted me to get on with it. Anyone familiar with my old website will notice this new one has a lighter feel. So, out with the old, and in with the new.

The new website coincides with me relaunching my mailing list (again!). Right now, you get a free Victorian short story for signing up, but subscribers will get some exclusive goodies in the coming weeks. For instance, not only will you receive a sneak peek of my next novel, there’ll also be a mini story that’ll interest fans of my Valerie Series. It’s a good time to sign up and, hopefully, the newsletter may prove to be a nice distraction during these difficult times. You can subscribe here or by clicking the image below.

I’m frenetically working on the final draft of my forthcoming release, Such Crooked Wood, and there are some other major projects heading your way. The third book in the Valerie Series is in the plotting stage and there’s a Victorian episodic novel I’ve been teasing regular readers with for a while that’s perilously close to ready. A glance at my whiteboard of doom in the corner shows there are another eleven novels in various stages to work on after that, plus a whole heap of idea kernels stored in my phone. That’s plenty to be going on with for now - probably!

As I type this, Judy Garland’s singing her ‘Born in a Trunk’ medley and she’s just warned me the show must go on. For me, the show is writing. So, let’s do this.

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