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How Are Reviews for Nights at the Majestic Looking?

Ask any author and they’ll tell you the time between publication and getting a decent number of reviews and ratings on their latest work is utterly terrifying. I bet even Stephen King has a moment of unease until the reviews begin rolling in!

So, I’m delighted and relieved to say that Nights at the Majestic has garnered a etty darn good response so far. Amazon US is showing an average rating of 4.6/5 while Goodreads shows 4.77/5. Sure, the number of reviews and ratings is comparatively low when set alongside many sapphic authors, but this is still only my sixth novel - there’s plenty of time for that yet!

It was also brilliant to see The Lesbian Review published a take on Nights at the Majestic last week.

You can read the review in full here but this is my favourite line:

The author maintained an ongoing feeling of something being off kilter, beyond the issues of the two falling in love. They may not have been immediately attracted to each other, but the course of events cemented a mutual feeling of deep respect.

And if I’m doing that? I’m pretty darn happy all over again.

If you’ve read Nights at the Majestic already and want to make an author’s day, please consider leaving a review! Plus, if you've read the novel and want the free Film Companion, just sign up to my mailing list at this special page.

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