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Don't Miss SCLHO Virtual 2020

If you can't come to a lesbian fiction hangout, the hangout will come to you. That's a loose way of describing what's happening next weekend as the South Coast Lesfic Hang Out (SCLHO), originally supposed to take place in Crawley in May and cancelled due to coronavirus, goes virtual for its second year.

I was lucky enough to attend as an author last year for what I'd call my first real author event, mingling with brilliant authors like Amanda Radley, Jenn Matthews, Lise Gold and Emma Sterner-Radley, all organised by Claire Highton-Stevenson. Despite my nerves, I really enjoyed the whole experience. Unfortunately, life dictated that I couldn't attend the meet this year then coronavirus stepped in and, well, no one could.

kit eyre at table with books, compost bags visible through window
Iconic picture of author with compost

Going online seemed the next logical step for the event and I'm delighted I was asked to take part. It's going to be a two-day online event moderated by Natalie Miller-Snell and Amanda Radley, covering the following topics on Saturday 15th August 2020:

An Interview with Julie Cohen - Moderated by Amanda

Hear Ye - All about audiobooks, the why and the how! - Moderated by Natalie and featuring panellists TJ Richards, Ana Clements, Fiona Thraile and Lise Gold.

Tropes - The often-overlooked emotional lynchpin of a story, but what are tropes and how you write them? - Moderated by Amanda and featuring panellists Jae, AL Brooks, Robyn Nyx and Michelle Binfield

Self Publishing - Going it alone, hear from three authors who take on the whole process single-handedly - Moderated by Natalie and featuring panellists Kit Eyre, Melissa Tereze, Amanda Radley and Kitty McIntosh

And these are the topics on Sunday 16th August 2020:

Writing During a Pandemic - Writing a book can be a mammoth task at the best of times, but what about during COVID? - Moderated by Amanda and featuring panellists Kit Mallory, Lola Keeley and Jenn Matthews

Mixing Genres - It's not always romance, hear from authors who play with different genres - Moderated by Natalie and featuring panellists Emma Sterner-Radley, Claire Highton-Stevenson, Arizona Tape and Brey Willows

Writing a Book - How do you go about writing a book, is there a key? Is there a formula? Is it coffee? Find out how our panel takes on this enormous task - Moderated by Amanda and featuring panellists Emma Nichols, Jade Winters, Rosy Dee and Clare Ashton

How awesome is this line-up?!

I'm looking forward to talking about the self-publishing journey and owning up to my mistakes alongside Amanda, Melissa and Kitty - anything could happen during that panel!

So, the main thing you need to be aware of if you want to watch any of the panels is that you have to be a member of the SCLHO Facebook group. Click here to visit the group page.

I'd like to thank the organisers for inviting me to participate. To celebrate, I might even dye my hair again for the event . . . Watch this space!

SCLHO 2019 Group Photo

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