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Can You Request eBooks for a Library?

In the same way that you can request physical books to be added to your library, you might be able to influence which eBooks they offer.

Why My Books Are Wide

I firmly believe that readers should have the option to access lesbian novels wherever they do their reading.


With everything going on in the world, I'm not really ready to talk much about my upcoming novel.

Kittens, Kittens

I'm finally following up on that promise I made more than a month ago - to properly introduce readers to my new kittens.

Don't Miss SCLHO Virtual 2020

If you can't come to a lesbian fiction hangout, the hangout will come to you. That's a way of describing what's happening next weekend.

Dabble - My New Favourite Writing Tool

I suspect most writers keep one eye out for something that’s going to improve their productivity and make their writing lives easier.

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