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Kit Eyre

Yorkshire author of gritty lesbian fiction

Defining an Author

Lesbians, lesbians everywhere.

My ethos is that I write the kind of stories I want to read. So, what do I like in my fiction?

Strong female characters who are flawed and make their own mistakes. Women who love other women, even if the relationships aren’t always straightforward. Mysteries cloaked in something else, underpinned by those complex relationships I just mentioned. Evocative Yorkshire settings with the sounds and smells I've been familiar with all my life. 

If that sounds like your cup of tea, read on.

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Novels by Kit Eyre

Nights at the Majestic

Max (Valerie Series III)

Amy (Valerie Series II)

Valerie (Valerie Series I)

Such Crooked Wood

But By Degrees

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Book 3 of the Valerie Series finds Max and Valerie making plans for their future - until Max is forced to confront her past. 

Since leaving home as a teenager, Max has kept away from her bigoted parents, but now they're keen to make contact and not so keen on taking "no" for an answer. 

Max is adamant that she doesn't want her parents involved in her life, especially if they just want the glory of being associated with Valerie Smythe MP. 

With a hidden agenda at play, Max and Valerie rely on their friends and family to help them unravel what the Jarvises really want, but will they manage to outsmart them? 

The second novel in the Valerie Series brings new conflicts to our odd couple as a face from the past threatens to disrupt Valerie and Max's future before it has really begun.

With an unexpected leadership election called in Westminster, the race is on to decide the next PM. Valerie Smythe MP is out of favour with her colleagues and has no desire to get involved in the campaign - until events make it unavoidable.

Valerie's daughter Amy takes centre stage as the battles for Valerie's loyalties grow more intense. At the same time, Max is questioning their future as a family, and the wrong answer to the right question could ruin everything.

Can Valerie make a difference to the leadership campaign and still come out of it with her relationships unscathed?

A taxi driver saves a damsel in distress with car trouble only to find there's a spark between them.

But with a General Election on the horizon and a whole host of secrets ready to implode, the scene is set for a bruising campaign where political capital and love collide.

Max Jarvis has never been one for falling hard, especially when a woman as vibrant as Valerie Smythe crosses her path. Yet she can't deny they work as a couple, even if she's skittish about going all-in.

As the election draws closer and loyalties are tested, will Max and Valerie make the right choices?

Restoring retro furniture in a converted church is the epitome of a quiet life, yet life isn't destined to stay that way for Lily McFarlane.

A sleepy Yorkshire town comes to life when local bar Spectrum opens their doors on an evening, but that sanctuary is about to be shattered when thugs come calling.

Lily is reluctantly drawn into the plans to revive Spectrum, even though she has her own problems with a new client proving to be more trouble than they're worth. To add to her difficulties, a gorgeous stranger seems determined to make a friend of her.

With her worries stacking up and coiling around her solitary lifestyle, will Lily be able to let go of her preconceptions about her future and embrace change?

What would you do if you answered your office phone to a bomb threat?

A crumbling office on the outskirts of Leeds is an unlikely location for a bomber to target, especially when it's only the accounting centre for a care home company. Yet the man on the other end of the phone is adamant - he wants the company director there in the morning or he'll detonate the bomb.

Danni Morris was already dealing with the ramifications of a failed relationship when she picked up the phone that day. Eighteen months later, she's still on a mission to find out the truth about what happened, as well as struggling to mend her broken heart.

Can she get the answers she needs and what will be left when she does?

One decaying cinema and two women living very different lives.

Her weekly visits to watch classic films at the Majestic are the only bright spots in Eve Thomas's life since the death of her wife. Meanwhile, Lizzie Carlyle is struggling to enjoy anything as work and a partner she doesn't love grind her down. 

A chance meeting during a robbery at the Majestic throws Eve and Lizzie together. They might be from different backgrounds with a twenty-year age gap but something clicks between them.

And when the Majestic faces a more existential threat, they might be the only ones able to save it. 

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