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Defining an Author

Lesbians, lesbians everywhere.

My ethos is that I write the kind of stories I want to read. So, what do I like in my fiction?

Strong female characters who are flawed and make their own mistakes. Women who love other women, even if the relationships aren’t always straightforward. Mysteries cloaked in something else, underpinned by those complex relationships I just mentioned. Evocative Yorkshire settings with the sounds and smells I've been familiar with all my life. 

If that sounds like your cup of tea, read on.

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But By Degrees

One night. Two women. One bomb threat. Danni Morris’s life was already complicated enough before she answered the phone to a bomb threat a year ago. Now, with no progress on catching the man responsible, she turns detective along with her former boss and a good friend. However, uncovering the facts about what happened at Gerbera Living last year isn’t the only truth she needs to come to terms with. Time heals all wounds, but can Danni give in enough to let her broken heart be mended by the woman who shattered it in the first place?


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